The Lily May Alice Carlyle Candlelight Fund

Welcome to Lily's Page! When we discovered our beautiful baby Lily had died our world changed forever…. Our hopes and dreams for her and our family faded, there was a huge dark void left. Lily's Grandparents had heard about CAFOD's Candlelight funds decided to set one up in her memory and that candle started to shine - dull at first but as time went on it got brighter and brighter. Lily’s fund has become her, Lily lives on in this world through her fund. It’s a celebration of her life – Lily didn’t get to live the life we so wanted for her but because of her, thousands of babies and children have had the chance to have that life and in turn, thousands of parents and grandparents have their children with them alive and healthy. Lily has changed the world, our world, into a better place and will continue to do so and it is a privilege to call her our daughter and grandaughter, sister and twin..... and it’s a privilege to belong to the CAFOD family who have given so much support to our family and have helped us to find the light in the darkness…… Thank you so much joining us in our quest to make the world a happier place and for keeping her memory alive and shining brightly……. With much love, Katherine and Ian (Lily’s parents), Chris and Frank (Lily’s Grandparents) Jack, Emily, Will (Lily’s twin) and Teddy (Lily’s brothers and sister)


Amount Raised £ 27,698

Christine Hayward
Happy birthday Frank!
Christine Hayward
Christine Hayward
Christine Hayward
With cherished memories of Lily
Peter Hayward
For our cherished Lily. Love Peter, Amanda, Sophie and Xavier
Money raised from the 26th Croydon Scout Group
Donations and fundraising from the 26th Croydon Scout Group in celebration of their 85th birthday!
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