The Kieran Narotham Candlelight Fund

When our son Kieran died in a motorway accident in January 2005, our life changed. He was only 22, had graduated the previous year and seemed destined for a successful career in IT. We went from everything being rosy in our life to sudden devastation. It was only our Christian faith and the community around us which gave us strength to carry on. When we heard about Candlelight Funds, aimed at "building a tribute that transforms lives", we knew Kieran would have wanted us to remember him in this way. It is reassuring for us to hear how much Kieran's fund is helping those in need. It gives us strength and a sense of purpose. Kieran would be pleased that disadvantaged communities are being helped in his memory.


Amount Raised £ 11,200

Harish and Angie Narotham
Harvest Fast Day offering in memory of our beloved Kieran
Harish Narotham
Eden Family
Finally sold the jacket, bro. Now you can help more people xxx
Harish and Angie Narotham
Hannah Caldwell
Thank you for the gorgeous chicks - something for us to look forward to :) - and thank you for everything you do for CAFOD! Have a blessed Easter xx
Thomas Jarvis
Happy Easter! :)
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